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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A 26-year-old Wichita Falls woman gets a suspended sentence for using account information to defraud a woman who had hired her to do housework.

Skyler Houston was also sentenced Thursday to four years probation on a separate case involving using stolen money orders to pay for rent.

In 2019, police officers said records show the first victim’s account numbers were used by Houston to pay her phone bills.

The victim said she wrote two checks to Houston for house cleaning work. She also said she and Houston had words over the work Houston did.

The woman and her husband said they told Houston they would need to pay her next payment with a cashier’s check because of problems at their bank account, and Houston became angry at them for accusing her.

Houston denied the fraud accusation but could not give an explanation of how the victim’s bank information was on her phone bill. They said she said maybe it was her bank’s error.

Houston said she was willing to repay the money but not admit guilt.

Police officers also said a woman told them Houston had told her of her financial hardships and having checks bounce about the time of the reported fraud.

In the other case, Houston pleaded guilty to forgery involving stolen money orders.

The manager of Tealwood Apartments reported several money orders were stolen from the office.

Officers said the investigation led to an employee who collected rent paid for with money orders, and who had quit abruptly, and that employee implicated her sister, Skyler Houston.

They said they obtained one money order that had been altered and made out to Houston’s landlord for $777 rent.

Police said Houston admitted the forgery and said it was so she could care for herself and her family, and was was willing to pay them back.

The victim however was not willing to drop the charges.

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