What are the top over-the-counter antivirus software available for selection today? 

We wrote previously about the various options businesses have in selecting open-source cybersecurity platforms in identity management, SIEM, and endpoint security. However, sometimes those options still don’t feel adequate. Alternatively, open-source cybersecurity does require the right resources and expertise to adapt it to individual IT environments. 

Instead, you could select an over-the-counter antivirus software available now to secure smaller IT environments. Of course, businesses should consider deploying a full-fledged endpoint security solution, even businesses of small sizes. Hackers target small businesses just as much if not more than large enterprises. 

Over-the-counter antivirus software can’t protect your business as thoroughly, but they can help if your business is just starting out or if your small business needs to research stronger solutions. Moreover, you could look to this software to secure your own personal endpoints, a critical component of cybersecurity in the era of work-from-home. 


The Top Over-the-Counter Antivirus Software Available Now

Norton 360 Standard 2021

Norton 360 Standard 2021, in its most basic package, provides comprehensive malware protection for a single PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device. It includes 10GB of secure PC cloud backup and Secure VPN for your device. Also, it features such as Password Manager, SafeCam that alerts you and blocks unauthorized access to your PC’s webcam, and Dark Web Monitoring powered by LifeLock.

Moreover, Norton 360 Standard 2021 also offers a 5-device, 50GB Secure PC Cloud Backup option. 

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Webroot Antivirus Software 2021

Webroot offers complete protection from viruses and identity theft for three devices – without slowing you down. It offers powerful, lightweight, and integrated protection for PC, Mac, and Android, Webroot Internet Security, complete with antivirus to protect personal information by blocking the latest malware, phishing, and cyber-attacks. Fully cloud-based, it scans billions of apps, files, and websites continuously to determine where and what is safe online. 

For the 3 device option, Click Here to Learn More.  

McAfee Total Protection 2021

McAfee Total Protection provides digital security including over-the-counter antivirus software and secure browsing. Additionally, it offers password manager and file lock protections designed to protect not only Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices but also identity and personal information. 

McAfee Total Protection 2021 comes in multiple models, including a 5 device option and an unlimited device option with Internet Security Software. 

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AVG Ultimate 2021

AVG offers over-the-counter antivirus software alongside a virus cleaner program and a virtual private network (VPN). It’s designed to offer privacy on any Wi-Fi network with 256-bit AES encryption. 

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2021

Kaspersky operates quietly as a background process and works to simplify security. It can block viruses, phishing, ransomware, and more. It can protect 3 devices at once. 

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ESET NOD32 Antivirus | 2021 Edition

Combining advanced heuristics with the power of cloud computing, ESET protects against viruses and online threats, safeguards your confidential financial data, and also improves your PC’s performance in the process. It has a light footprint and protects against phishing. 

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Avast Premium Security 2021 

At its core, Avast Premium Security is antivirus software that uses multiple layers of AI-enhanced virus protection, combined with a worldwide network of malware-detecting sensors, to stop any and all threats that could compromise your files or your devices. This core antivirus offers full protection from the biggest malware threats, including ransomware, trojans, crypto-miners, spyware, and more.

This includes specialized ransomware shields that will stop attempts to hold your files hostage, a comprehensive scan of your entire network for vulnerabilities, phishing site blockers that will keep you far away from phishing sites, a virtual machine to safely run risky files, and much, much more.

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For stronger endpoint protection options, check out the Buyer’s Guide.

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