Here’s how to get a handle on your financial stress during Covid

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Financial anxiety for women is growing.

While studies have shown that women typically suffer from more money stress than men, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation.

In fact, 79{98cae0078f524eff3ab8ec32cf55b261677ef6c8a6ed6e94d92a4234b93f46b6} of women report feeling weighed down by money and stress, up from 67{98cae0078f524eff3ab8ec32cf55b261677ef6c8a6ed6e94d92a4234b93f46b6} last fall, according to Fidelity Investments’ new Financial Sentiment Survey.

Of those who reported financial worries, 72{98cae0078f524eff3ab8ec32cf55b261677ef6c8a6ed6e94d92a4234b93f46b6} were concerned about not having enough retirement savings to live comfortably and 71{98cae0078f524eff3ab8ec32cf55b261677ef6c8a6ed6e94d92a4234b93f46b6} were stressed about the ability to save for goals outside of retirement.

Balancing work and caregiving responsibilities, the ability

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