The camera is the flagship device of Realme 5. In a way, Realme is the trendsetter for changing the configuration of the cellphone camera. While other RS ​​13999 priced phones are busy with the pop-up camera design, Realme5 actually adds the number of rear cameras.

Dare to increase the quantity of cameras, how about the quality? The main camera of Realme 5 is capable of presenting 12 MP capability, f / 1.8 aperture for normal or wide photos. The AI ​​camera function will take over to process photos quickly and produce better photo quality.

The results of the photos can be better, even though the exposure is a bit excessive so that the visuals of the photos appear too bright. Some of the features of the main camera include the nightscape mode, HDR, filters, and chroma boost.

2 MP camera. f / 2.4 depth sensor can support portrait and bokeh photos, a blurry effect in the background. While the 8 MP camera, f 2/2 ultra-wide angle increases the shooting angle of up to 13mm.

Then what is the function of the fourth camera? This is a 2 MP, f / 2.4 ultra – macro camera that is aimed at shooting objects from a very close distance. It is similar to a bokeh camera, but the macro camera remains focused on objects up to about 1 cm from the lens.

While the front camera is embedded in the top center of the cellphone, with a dewdrop-type design. With a spec of 13 MP, f / 2.0, this lens is adequate for selfie and wefie facial photos.

For video recording activities with a cellphone, Realme 5 is capable of recording up to a resolution of 2160p @ 30fps, meaning that it has reached 4K. The features available in the video application include time-lapse and slow-motion (specifically for the rear camera). While the front camera video only presents Full HD quality.

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