Credit: Dreamstime

More than 300,000 files and documents, some of which contained sensitive information, belonging to the Office of the Solicitor General of the Philippines were accessed by an unknown party, according to UK-based cyber security provider TurgenSec. 

The cyber security provider said in an online post that the data breach contained files ranging from documents generated in the day-to-day running of ‘the Solicitor General of the Philippines’, to staff training documents, internal passwords and policies, staffing payment information and information on financial processes and activities including audits. 

The breached information also included several hundred files titled with presumably sensitive keywords such as “Private, Confidential, Witness and Password,” the company said.  

“The nature of these documents is of particular concern as it may have the potential to disrupt/undermine on-going judicial proceedings,” TurgenSec said. 

TurgenSec alleged that the information was public facing, meaning anyone with a browser and internet connection could access it. It is claimed that the breached data was accessed and downloaded by an unknown third party that was not TurgenSec.