LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Nevadans may have money owed to them, and not even know it.

State Treasurer Zach Conine said Nevada wants to find those people and give it back. He said there is more than $950 million as part of the state’s Unclaimed Property program.  

“Perhaps you have a payroll check that was never cashed. A refund. Maybe a bank account you forgot about. Money in a safe deposit box. When that business holds it for a long time and can’t get a hold of you, they turn it over to the state and we hold onto it as unclaimed property,” said Conine.

Conine told FOX5 the state worked with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation to compare a list of people owed money through the program, to a list of those who’ve filed for unemployment.  

“We have identified almost ten million dollars of unclaimed property owned by individuals who have filed for unemployment here in Nevada. So far we’ve gotten about $1.7 million back. We need people who have that unclaimed property to come claim it,” said Conine.

The money is not unemployment insurance money, rather part of the larger pot of more than $950 million.

Anyone can check to see if they’re owed money by visiting You simply punch in your name or the name of a business, and you may see matches of possible money owed.  

Conine says the state will continue holding money until someone claims it.

There is no cost to search the website.

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