NATICK — Two local businesses — one small, another larger — could prove to be the blueprint for how MetroWest companies decide to bring workers back as the coronavirus pandemic appears to move into a less-threatening stage.

Kent Fitzpatrick, managing director at financial services firm Asset Strategy in Natick, has already brought everyone back.

It happened in October — all 15 employees — and Fitzpatrick knew he needed the whole crew in the office.

“The human element in our industry is critical,” Fitzpatrick explained as the reason for ending remote work for his staff.

Meanwhile, Allego, a 200-employee Needham business that sells remote training and virtual tools to sales forces, is heading in the opposite direction.

Yuchun Lee, Allego’s chief executive officer and co-founder, said his workers want to be in the office only two to three days per week, based on a survey of his staff and Lee’s own research.

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