Have you visited any of these tourist traps? What did you think?

This year more than 350 people showed up, some from other states, to see the 31 featured show heifers and 11 bulls during the day before the evening sale.

“It was obvious that people were glad to be out and about and back in business again,” Alan said.

Kevin Eathington was one of those happy to see the Miller family.

“Alan and I went to college together,” said the University of Illinois grad.

The Eathingtons have been buying their 4-H calves here for their four children for several years. While they raise Angus cattle at Eathington Angus in Avon, they specialize in performance bulls, so having a friend known for providing cattle for showing works well for both families.

When the families go to fairs, they do everything together including sharing meals. Theresa makes sure everyone has breakfast, he said.

“When we go to fairs, we stall together,” Eathington said.

He said the Millers are known for supporting youths.

“They are invested in them and want them to succeed,” he said.

The Millers have three children, Amelia, 18, Adam, 15 and William, 11, also active in showing.

“They are an integral part of the farm,” Theresa said. They did a lot of work getting ready for the sale and enjoy meeting all the people — many they know from shows over the years.

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