Peninsula Pacific Entertainment owns casino properties in Iowa and New York state, but Christiansburg officials clarified that Rosie’s isn’t a casino.

A company representative couldn’t be reached for comment last week.

Hicks said on Tuesday that she brought up the matter to push the information out to the general public. Hicks, in response to some comments from council members, said she’s aware the issue is not a council decision.

“I understand, but the presentation was given to us for a reason,” she said. “I wanted to let the town know that this may be coming, so they know it may be on the ballot.”

Hicks said she’s also isn’t necessarily against the idea.

“All I’m saying is there are pros and cons, and I’m here to work for the citizens,” she said, prompting a few council members to say they are doing the same work.

The possibility of a Rosie’s already has some support on council, particularly from gaming advocate Councilman Steve Huppert, who sees the industry as an economic driver.

Huppert said he was told in his briefing with the company that they envision employing about a 100 people and providing a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

Huppert said revenue from gaming could go toward the cost of building the multi-purpose park off of Peppers Ferry Road that council approved a few months ago.

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