By Press Release, Office of Branford First Selectman

03/16/2021 10:08 a.m. EST

Branford’s Clean Energy Ad Hoc Committee is excited to announce the Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) program, a joint effort with the Peoples Action for Clean Energy (PACE), Eversource, and United Illuminating/ Southern Connecticut Gas (UI). Just as HeatSmart is helping residents optimize their home energy efficiency, BEE will bring energy and financial savings to Branford businesses and contribute to the State of Connecticut’s energy goals.

Utility customers fund multiple energy efficiency programs through a small charge on their monthly bills. The business programs are customized to the size of the business, the energy system (lighting, heating, refrigeration, manufacturing, etc), and the stage of the construction project (learn more here: New businesses are encouraged to engage with the utilities early in project planning. This is relevant to new construction, major renovation, and “tuning up” existing buildings. Martin Pitek, Eversource Energy Efficiency Executive, said “We’ve had several positive meetings with the Branford Clean Energy people and we’re looking forward to a very productive collaboration. Eversource and UI have a lot to offer and the Branford BEE can help bring our programs to the community. This is a big win/win opportunity. Through the BEE program Branford businesses should connect with us early in their projects to get maximum benefits.”

First Selectman James Cosgrove is enthusiastic about the Branford BEE initiative.

“The residential HeatSmart program has implemented energy programs that benefit the community. There’s a great opportunity here for Branford businesses to save energy and money,” said Cosgrove.

Shirley McCarthy, Chair of Branford’s Clean Energy Ad Hoc Committee, appointed Bob Babcock to serve as chair of the new initiative. Bob recruited fellow committee members Dan Rabin, Elena Cahill, and Mike Cohen. Babcock has considerable experience in the business community and thinks that there are excellent opportunities in Branford.

“This is a unique time in the evolution of our infrastructure; energy efficiency of buildings is especially important. Branford businesses can save considerable money in the long run by taking simple steps now. It’s a no-brainer to access expertise and incentives offered by the utilities,” said Babcock.

The BEE group will be reaching out to Branford businesses through direct mailings and presentations to industry groups. Ellen Carucci, Program Director of the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, is looking forward to working with the town committee.

“Shoreline businesses can greatly benefit from energy solutions tailored to their category of business, and BEE can bring the best representatives from the utilities to our various member groups. We are always looking for ways to help our businesses, and these recently announced programs will do just that,” said Carucci.

For information on the Branford Business Energy Efficiency program, call (203) 619-2100 or go to, select “Business” and click on the “I’m interested” link.

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